Stift Melk - UNESCO-Welterbe

Where can I park?
Melk abbey has a parking lot for cars and busses. Please follow the street signs STIFT MELK-P.
GPS address for the abbey visit: Stiftsstrasse or point of interest: Stift Melk
(Suppliers should please ask for correct address in advance.)

Groups and individual visitors who purchase admission tickets to Melk Abbey may use the parking lot free of charge. The parking ticket must be validated at the cash desk (first courtyard) when buying the admission tickets. Within 15 minutes after drawing a parking ticket, the parking lot can be left free of charge/without validation of the parking ticket.

Should I book tickets in advance?
Groups (with or without guided tour) should make a reservation in advance.
Individual travelers and groups get tickets at the ticket office in the first abbey courtyard (March to December) or in the Northern bastion (January and February).

Should I make a reservation for a guided tour?
Groups must make a reservation for a guided tour.

Individual travelers can always buy tickets for the next guided tour for individual travelers on spot. It is, however, also possible to pre-book tickets under .

What can I see with a ticket?
A ticket to the monastery includes:
a visit of the abbey museum, the Marble Hall, the balcony, the library and the abbey church as well as the Northern Bastion with the Wachau Lab (year-round) and entrance to the abbey park with its Baroque pavilion (April to October).

How much time shall I schedule for the abbey visit?
For the complete visit (interior rooms, abbey park with pavilion from May to October, Northern bastion with Wachau Lab and special exhibitions) we recommend 2,5 hours.

How long is the way from the river pier to Melk abbey?
The pier for local liner cruises and cabin river cruises is located on the Danube: you go along Fährstraße, cross the green lifting bridge, walk through the pedestrian area of the city center and then up the stairs (or alternatively along Wiener Straße without stairs) to Melk abbey. Duration: approx. 30 minutes

Are there bicycle stands?
Yes. You find bicycle stands and lockers on the small private parking lot in front of Melk abbey. Additional lockers are in the first abbey courtyard.

Are dogs allowed in Melk abbey and in the abbey park?
Dogs are allowed in the courtyards of the monastery, but we ask dog owners to keep their dogs on a leash. In the interior rooms and in the abbey park dogs are not allowed, with the exception of official service and guide dogs.

Is it allowed to take photos in Melk abbey?
It is not allowed to take photos or videos for private purposes in the interior rooms of Melk abbey.
On the abbey premises (with the exception of the interior rooms) it is allowed to take photos or videos for private purposes. Every commercial utilization is prohibited and requires special permission. Photos of the complete abbey building may not be marketed or sold through commercial photo agencies or private web pages.

Is it allowed for a photographer to take professional pictures of Melk abbey? Where and how do you get a photo permit?
For all professional photo shoots, filming and sound recording on the entire premises of Melk abbey (interior and exterior), a prior written permit is necessary (please send your request to at least 7 days in advance).

Authorized photos and films of the abbey premises may only be used for the previously approved purpose. It is forbidden to market or sell authorized pictures through commercial photo agencies or private web sites. Taking photos, filming and recording is only possible at the times previously approved by a representative of Melk abbey.

The monastery has large photo archives and would be pleased to provide photos free of charge for articles, travel preparations etc. Please write to .

Is it possible to take wedding photos in Melk abbey?
For couples who get married in Melk abbey, it is possible to take photos in the outdoor areas of the monastery. But it is imperative to make a request and get a permit from a representative of Melk abbey under .

At what times is the visit of Melk abbey possible?
Melk abbey can be visited every day.
April to October: from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm (admission until 5.00 pm), the visit is possible with or without guided tour.
November to March: the visit for individual travelers is possible only with a guided tour at 11.00 am, 1.30 pm, 3 pm

At what time do the worship services take place?
Holy Mass: on Sundays and holidays at 9.00 am in the abbey church
“In the Middle of the Day” / midday prayer: 12.00 to 12.15 pm, daily

Is the visit of Melk abbey wheelchair-accessible?
Yes, most of the abbey visit is wheelchair-accessible (exception: the interior visits of the garden pavilion and of the mineral collection are not wheelchair-accessible, and the gravel paths in the abbey park can cause difficulties for wheelchair users). Some entrances are different for wheelchair users, so we ask impaired guests to please check in at the ticket office / information counter in the first courtyard so that we can assist them.

In which languages does Melk abbey offer guided tours?
Individual travelers can join guided tours in the following languages:
April to October, daily:
German: at 10.00 am / 11.00 am / 12.00 pm / 1.00 pm / 2.00 pm / 3.00 pm / 4.00 pm
English: at 10.55 am / 2.55 pm (May to September also at 2.00 pm)
Italian: at 2.45 pm
Spanish: at 2.50 pm
French: at 3.05 pm

November to March: daily tours in German and English at 11 am, 1.30 pm, 3 pm

With prior reservation tours for groups are possible every day, in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish (partially also in Dutch, Russian, Romanian, Japanese and Hungarian).

Do I need a ticket for the abbey park?
Yes. The entrance to the abbey park is included in the normal entrance ticket for Melk abbey. Guests who want to visit only the abbey park can get tickets for the abbey park and the Northern bastion at the entrance to the abbey park. Tickets for the abbey visit are available at the ticket office in the first abbey courtyard.