Melk Abbey Secondary School

to live

To learn to live. To foster talents and to give them space – this is what the educational opportunities in Melk Abbey’s school are all about.

Melk Abbey Secondary School is one of Austria’s oldest Catholic private schools; the monastery school was mentioned for the first time in 1160. To teach a Christian way of life, to impart knowledge and to educate young people’s minds and souls: from early on, these principles have determined the Benedictine’s activities.

Currently, 900 students are taught here in a comfortable, human and inspiring atmosphere. School should not only be learning of dates and facts, memory training and the stimulation of intellectual abilities, but must particularly contribute to the nobleness of the heart. Spirited dialogue and an invigorating community should be perceptible.

After four years of middle school, students can choose between five different high school branches which focus on either old languages, modern languages, natural sciences, art or music.

Since the school year 1966/1967 there has been a student exchange program with the Benedictine St. John’s Preparatory School in Minnesota, USA.

In January 2012 Melk Abbey school was admitted to the circle of the Members of UNESCO Associated Schools and may therefore call itself a “UNESCO school”.

As school provider Melk abbey invests a large sum every year, the support association is called “Schulverein Stiftsgymnasium Melk”.


Wachau Lab

Exhibitions in the Wachau Lab on the first floor of the Northern Bastion are organized by the “museum makers” – a group of students who deal with different topics in a critical and artistic-experimental way, together with teachers and experts.

Six different exhibitions have already been shown, the current one addressing the topic of sustainability.




Öffentliches Stiftsgymnasium der Benediktiner in Melk

Schulkennzahl: 315016

Mag. Johannes Eichhorn, Direktor Stiftsgymnasium Melk

Direktor Mag. Johannes Eichhorn