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"And let due honor be shown to all, especially to those of the household of the faith and to wayfarers."

RB 53,2

be our guest

Melk Abbey Guest house

Melk Abbey is an open house and a place of encounter, people are always welcome.

The guest house also offers a space for people who want to retreat and come to rest. Guests can lodge here, and of course, the abbey also provides board.

The guest house has 31 beds in total, in 11 plain rooms (single rooms, double rooms, multi-bed rooms), each with its own bathroom facility. The rooms are simply furnished and the organization of the guest house does not compare to a hotel.

In addition Melk abbey offers modern meeting rooms, where it is possible to host workshops and conferences.


Interested in Monastic Life?


Men interested in monastic life could have the opportunity to experience the everyday life of the Benedictine monks in the cloister for a few days.