The Church is young

Welcome to Youth Pastoral Care!

“Youth Pastoral Care” – fresh offers (not only) for young people: children’s church, altar boy/girl service in Melk abbey church, youth prayer, holiday weeks, school pastoral care, preparation for confirmation, online worship services,...

Click through our diverse offers and feel invited to come!


Pastoral Care in the Abbey School

In Melk Abbey Secondary School we offer a range of formats for our students and teachers. More information here.


Children and Families
children’s church – find the dates here
child care on Christmas Eve
children’s week-ends
altar girls and boys in Melk abbey


Pastoral Care in Melk Abbey School
“Meeting Point“ (counseling and pastoral care)
freshmen adjustment and mixer days
special guided tours through the monastery
advent activities
school confirmation
retreats for high school seniors


Youth Prayer – find the dates here
youth week-ends
holiday weeks
trip to Taizé


Young Adults
monastery days
confirmation for adults
temporary monastery (for young people who are interested in monastic life)