"We are an open house and a place of encounter."

Abbot Georg Wilfinger OSB

A warm welcome! Melk Abbey is a spiritual, intellectual and cultural center, but also a school, an economic engine, an employer. Whether young or old, whether interested in spirituality, culture, history, nature or architecture - a visit to Melk Abbey enriches everyone. 



Team der Stiftsbibliothek Melk hielt Vortrag über die Borgia

Benefizkonzert - Militärmusik Niederösterreich spielt für rumänische Waisenkinder

„Rhythmen der Welt“: Spenden für sozial benachteiligte Kinder und Jugendliche in Saniob

Rhythmen der Welt -

Militärmusik Niederösterreich spielt für Waisenkinder in Rumänien - "Saniob" ist soziales Herzensprojekt von Abt Georg Wilfinger

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„When do worship services take place?”

FAQ concerning Melk Abbey

You can find the times of our worship services and all concerning information in our event calendar

„What can I see with an entrance ticket?”

FAQ concerning visits

While the abbey church and the abbey library might be the highlights of your visit, you can also see the former Imperial guest rooms with the abbey museum or varying special exhibitions with your ticket, and your visit wouldn’t be complete without a stroll in the abbey park.

„Where can I park?“

FAQ concerning events

Melk Abbey’s guest parking lot, with a barrier free access to the monastery, offers enough parking spaces, including some with charging stations for plug-in electric vehicles.
Groups and individual visitors who purchase admission tickets to Melk Abbey may use the parking lot free of charge. The parking ticket must be validated at the cash desk (first courtyard) when buying the admission tickets. Within 15 minutes after drawing a parking ticket, the parking lot can be left free of charge/without validation of the parking ticket.

Monastery complex overview

  • lift/elevator

  • parking area

  • way to the ship station

  • lockers

  • shop

  • stairs

  • WC

  • way to the train station