Melk Abbey as Employer

Employer & Economic Driving Force

Melk Abbey fulfills numerous important functions for the region – beyond pastoral care. It is also an economic driving force, a long-term employer for most of its staff, as well as a school provider: Melk Abbey Secondary School is attended by about 900 students, nearly 100 teachers work here.

Melk Abbey Restaurant has around 40 employees. For suppliers and contractors from the area Melk Abbey is a longstanding and dependable business partner.


Statistics excerpt (retrieved on August 31, 2022)

146 staff members, included 23 seasonally employed abbey guides

We are proud of:

Female quota – 89 women and 57 men are employed by Melk Abbey

50+ – Persons over 50 often have a hard time finding a job – in Melk Abbey 47% of the staff are older than 50.