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Young Pastoral Care

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“The Church must be attractive. Rouse the world! Bear witness to a different kind of action!“

“Who works with young people can’t be content with saying things in a way that is too organized or structured, as if reading a treatise, because then the contents do not reverberate with young people. A new language is needed, a new way of saying things.”
Pope Francis at a meeting with members of religious orders in November 2013 in the Vatican

These two quotes by Pope Francis motivate us in our work in “Young Pastoral Care”:

We want to appeal to young people with our spirited, diverse, often also unconventional offers so that they come into contact with the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Everybody is welcome at our place: from the very young with their families (e.g. for children’s church, child care on Christmas Eve etc.) to teenagers (offers of pastoral care in the school, youth prayer, preparation for confirmation, youth week-ends, etc.) to young adults who want to reflect about their life and their path (monastery days, confirmation for adults, pastoral counselling, etc.).

All of them should experience here how wonderful it is to be part of a community in which appreciation, mindfulness and acceptance are important and lived values.

Simply put: Young people and families are welcome, you have a place in Melk abbey!