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Vibrant life

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 “Everyone should sense that people are living and working here who – despite their differences – all believe in resurrection and life. This is true for guests who come because of religious reasons as well as for tourists visiting the site.” Abbot em. Dr. Burkhard Ellegast

If you behold this house only from outside, you might have the feeling to see a castle-like construction which is beautiful, but prompts the question of what relevancy it has now. If you take a deeper look inside, you realize that vibrant life stirs within these old walls: educational, formative, cultural, it increases the awareness of what is essential. Melk abbey with its special place and its community constitutes the perfect setting for various activities.

For centuries this house with its school has been open for young people who can feel at home here, acquire knowledge and creative skills, build character, and receive an offer for a meaningful life.

Since 2003 a group of devout men and women has been affiliated to the monastery as a lay community named “Communio Benedicta Mellicensis (CBM)”. Under the slogan “Our journey together” this group fosters and creates a space for open and mutual exchange which benefits the monastic community and the group itself.

The guest wing offers opportunities for fellowship through workshops, seminars, conventions etc. The ambiance of the house is often commended as being enriching for these functions.

The cultural program offers various events for young and old alike, and its importance often extends beyond the local community.

The unique location and the Baroque ensemble of Melk abbey attract hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world every year. For guests who come for sightseeing many parts of the monastery are open for a visit.