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“In the Baroque age harmony between the exterior and the interior was extremely important. Experts made us realize that the park area is of the highest quality. Melk abbey park is considered an appropriate complement to the world-famous abbey buildings. There are fascinating parallels between the building and the park.”  Father Martin Rotheneder

During the revitalization process the master plan behind the garden architecture became clearer and clearer.

There are intriguing correspondences between the building and the park:

If you mirror the building with the gardens (using the two 1000-year-old Babenberg Towers as an axis), the lantern of the abbey dome and the Baroque water basin meet at the same point.

The lantern is considered the third level of Melk abbey church.

There, a fresco depicts the Holy Spirit (the third divine person) in the form of a dove: No life without spirit!

The abbey park also has three levels. On the third level the Baroque water basin is situated, surrounded by 250-year-old linden trees: No life without water!

And here the circle of this fantastic overall idea is complete:  Spirit and Nature, intellect and emotion.
The “whole” person is addressed.