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Saint Benedict´s Path in the Abbey Park

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Benediktusweg im Stiftspark

“Having opened our eyes to the deifying light, let us hear with awestruck ears what the divine voice, crying out daily, doth admonish us.” RB Prologue 9

Through a gentle visual and acoustic presentation  imparts important wisdom and elemental beliefs from Saint Benedict’s monastic rule.

Many people don’t know much about monasteries. Some believe that people living in monasteries only pray, forsake all mundane and exciting things and shut themselves off from the world. Then there are those who have the ideal perception that only good people are living in a monastery who are always of one mind and soul.

Worldwide about 17.000 Benedictine nuns and about 9.000 Benedictine monks are living in monasteries, following the Rule of Saint Benedict, which he wrote in the 6th century in the abbey of Monte Cassino. Since 1089 there have always been Benedictine monks living in Melk Abbey, without interruption.

Saint Benedict’s Path calls attention to various typical Benedictine points of view. The thoughts expressed by the author of Saint Benedict’s Path, Melk’s former abbot Dr. Burkhard Ellegast, bespeak his own decades of effort to live according to Saint Benedict’s Rule. In addition, Saint Benedict’s Path also offers passages from abbot primate Notger Wolf’s book “Worauf warten wir? (What are we waiting for?)”

Saint Benedict’s Path is intended to encourage us to consciously set boundaries, to respect rules, and yet to constantly learn to keep moving. It points out possibilities to forge one’s own path in one’s own particular situation.

Saint Benedict’s Path (only in German) is situated in the Northern part of Melk abbey park, east of the garden pavilion. Upon 12 stands visitors find quotes from Saint Benedict’s Rule and reflections about it. Music can be heard in two places (Saint Benedict’s Song, Gregorian chant).