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Operational Management

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“The monks’ work in the monasteries led to the development of business operations which gave financial autonomy and thus independence towards the will of influential benefactors. It also frees us from sanctimonious efforts which lack a realistic down-to-earth approach.” Abbot em. Dr. Burkhard Ellegast OSB

From the start Benedictine monasteries have created, have achieved, have built something through their prayer-supported work, without being a burden to anybody. Thus Saint Benedict gave work its dignity. Proficiency and faithful confidence made it possible for monasteries to go their own way, because they had a firm ground to stand on. Daily routine and work were sanctified by the monks’ common worship service and divine office.

With 200 abbey employees and 100 teachers in its school, Melk abbey is an important enterprise in the province of Lower Austria. Its investments, jobs, and the expenses of its visitors increase the purchasing power of the region significantly. The constant investments for preservation, restauration, expansion of tourism, as well as the maintenance of the school contribute considerably to the development of the region and of the province of Lower Austria.

Today the abbey’s business operations include tourism, agriculture, forestry, real estate, leases and the school.