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Baroque cellar

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The cellar spaces were restored and revitalized for the Lower Austrian Provincial Exhibition in 2000 and have been used for cultural events and exhibitions ever since.

The Small Baroque Cellar (access at the Imperial Staircase) houses special exhibitions almost year-round.

The Small Baroque Cellar, situated under the rooms of the abbot and the prior, was built by Jakob Prandtauer in 1713/1714. As of 1965 part of it was a cellar tavern.

Great Baroque Cellar
The two mighty vaults were quarried out of natural rock from 1650 to 1652. When the buildings above the cellar were torn down and rebuilt between 1718 and 1720, the architect Jakob Prandtauer reinforced some arches between the cellar vaults for static reasons, but a few original arches remain. In 1868/1869 another reinforcement of the vaults became necessary, because Abbot Clemens Moser had the former comedy theatre hall above today’s carpentry workshop converted into classrooms: supporting columns were built in the cellar to stabilize a corridor wall above.